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Program development

FOG Control Program setup

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) control drives infrastructure lifespan at community collections system hotspots, and uncontrolled FOG can imperil wastewater treatment plant staff with hydrogen sulfide attacks on supporting infrastructure.  The FOG control program is a requirement of California Safe Drinking Water code, but we develop programs that work. Whatever the size of your agency, we provide a cafeteria-style set of services, from turnkey design and implementation to help with a single issue.

  • Municipal code review for currency, compliance, and conflicts
  • FOG Control Program Plan development, from inception to final implementation phases
  • Work planning to predict resource needs and ease outsourcing
  • Program software selection to enable remote inspection data input and Food Service Establishment (FSE) mailings, if needed
  • Communications planning to maximize public outreach effectiveness

Force Main Condition Assessment Program setup

Force mains represent the biggest pipeline liability headache for sanitary sewer agencies. They're expensive to construct, are critical to collection system and treatment operations, tend to include materials and equipment not found anywhere else in collection systems, and are difficult to inspect. We use a logical, risk-based, systematic approach to condition assessment to minimize its impact on agency resources. Client agencies have used us for staff extension approaches to leapfrog the important past the urgent, allowing them to

  • Develop force main longevity by minimizing force main lifespan-shortening factors like hydrogen sulfide entrapment, transient pressure events, and out-of-range velocity and pressure operations
  • Build staff understanding and preparedness with CMMS integration and work planning
  • Prioritize improvements to best serve the agency's customers by addressing the highest-risk elements first
  • Demonstrate management excellence to bolster public support and reassure regulators
  • Improve system design with better equipment and supplier interfaces (particularly for air vacuum valves) and hydraulics-based system troubleshooting

Turnkey management

Agencies often cannot justify hiring new personnel to administer a FOG Control Program or champion and execute a Force Main Condition Assessment Program through the first resulting CIP projects. Ewers Engineering offers a small, knowledgeable staff to perform administrative tasks to keep its client systems in compliance and extend the lifespan of their collections systems.

CIP creation and development

Force main condition assessment


Hydraulic modeling/loss estimation

Hydraulic modeling gives agencies the capacity to evaluate system behavior under extremes, to perform failure consequence assessments, assess water quality developments and try solutions, project capital projects needs, anddetect abnormal performance that indicates failure or maladjustment. We have worked with models from the dawn of the technology through the range of current, GIS-driven models.

Water Loss Reporting

Ewers Engineering also provides water loss estimating software customized to its clients' needs to accommodate water loss reporting to the State of California.

Risk model development

Benchmarking (performance and qualitative)

Design and construction services

Storage structures

Pumping stations